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I am new to Go and trying to understand the scoring. In this example Can someone please explain how this is a win to white of 147.5 given white has 144 more captures than black and gets 6.5 extra points i don’t understand how black had more territory points. I am getting some of the playing strategies but really at a loss on who is in front at any given time.

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What app are you using? Assuming the image accurately shows the end position and prisoner counts, and that komi is 6.5 with a territory scoring ruleset, my quick napkin math shows White should have won by 174.5 points. So one of those assumptions must be false.

In Go, the two main components of the final score are:

  1. Territory (vacant intersections surrounded by a player’s stones)
  2. Captured stones (prisoners)

From the image shown, we can see White has 24 more points of territory than Black. The image also shows White has 144 more prisoners than Black. Komi of 6.5 would bring White’s total to 174.5.

The score breakdown would look like this:

Black White
Territory 3 27
Prisoners 1 145
Komi 6.5
Totals 4 178.5

White wins by the difference of 178.5 and 4, or 174.5 points.

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It seems it’s Chinese scoring with white getting 6.5 komi (=extra points) and black passed many times?

In Chinese scoring you get 1 point for every living stone+1 point for every intersection in your territory.

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Yeah, that would explain it. Under Chinese rules and 6.5 komi, the napkin math would be:

Black White
Area (stones + territory) 14 155
Komi 6.5
Totals 14 161.5

161.5 – 14 = 147.5


Thanks for the feedback. I am using “The Game of Go” app on my computer to understand strategy and also thought it was the Japanese scoring method and therefore should have been something more around the 170 mark.

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Most of bots use chinese scoring.