Help resolving life and death situation, Need to learn this!

I was playing as black and have no idea how to kill lower left white group and I believe it is possible, but I have poor skills invading

Do you mean the lower right white group? Who plays next?

What makes you believe that it’s killable? I’d say it’s not completely clear if it is alive (it probably is) and killing it, if possible, would potentially be a high dan l&d problem.

It’s alive.

Not much black can do. Black can reduce it, but not kill it.

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I dunno man, I want to kill it therefore I believe it’s killable. But, you know, maybe I’m just way over y head.

How would you reduce it? Monkey jumping on the far right corner?

Yes, black to play!

Could only find a Ko and seki variation.
Please provide a link if you really want help next time.

That’s not how it works I’m afraid :smiley:

I added 3 more variants to hiryuu’s ideas. It seems that S2 is the answer in any case, technically making Q2 and T2 kind of ‘miai’ for life. If B could get T2 with an option for ko, that would be it, but as you can see in the variants, W can suppress any ko potential, so the best result seems to be ‘gote seki’.

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