Help setting times on games

I’m not sure how to create the timings I want for a game. If i want a game which allows 5 minutes per move and then 2 minutes per move after 30 minutes. How do I create that.
I see three controls Main Time:
Time per period:
How would I fill in these controls.
Thanks for any help

i dont think this specific setting is possible here. you can only set a length for a period once, ive never seen timesettings where the length of a period changes mid-game.

this, however, is just japanese byo-yomi with 30 mins main time and 1x2 mins/move. is that not good enough?

there is a thing called progressive byo-yomi, but ive only experienced it in use with canadian byo-yomi. if byo-yomi is progressive, you have to play an increasing amount of stones in a fixed time-period. consequently the game accelerates with moves played.
when i played under these rules it was in an offline tournament though, i am not aware of something similar being used online. maybe someone else is?


main time is the fixed amount of time each player starts a game with. periods get important after this time is used up.
time per period determines the amount of time each player is granted per move or (in case of canadian) per (x) moves. if a move is played inside the timelimit, the clock refreshes.
periods determine the number of periods of above length each player gets. if the number of periods is 3 for example, a player will time out after failing to play a move in the length of one period 3 times.


Here is more information about the different time systems available on OGS:

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Thanks that is very helpful Kickaha

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