Help to improve

Hello all,
I’m a 11k and I haven’t played for a while. I have to restart my study but consider me like a 15-19k. How can structure my study?

  • Start with joseki?

  • Have to do Tesuji constantly?

  • Have to study before the base of open?

  • Have you a list of book to read one after one to do a linear training of myself?

Sorry for my English,


Best thing you can do to get back in to the swing of things is simply to play more games.

Playing games will refamiluraise yourself with how to play, and it will remind you of your own style, and what areas you need to focus on more.

Everyone should, if they wish to get better at go, should play more games, do more go problems and read more books. But at the same time, you have to do what works best for you.