Help to understand my very first game

Hello to everybody!
I have a question about if there is any free Ai tool with natural language like chatgpt, available for being able to analyze some go games because I’m a newbie

I have played my first game and my opponent told me that I had all my black pieces except the ones located in the upper left corner,… Dead… and I cannot understand why:

62108688-054-Shipwreck-AlexTheDrug.sgf (696 Bytes)

thank you for helping me to understand my first steps in this awesome game!

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There is no such tool but you can ask humans on this forum.
The group on the upper left is alive because it has two eyes:

The other groups can’t make two eyes, so they are dead. To convince yourself, let’s continue a few moves:

Capture d'écran 2024-03-03 101753

Now you see that the group on the lower left only has one eye, and the two other black groups can’t make a single eye.

To practice making two eyes, try this set of problems:


I like watching some of Michael Redmond’s videos on youtube, he has a playlist for beginners here:

Video 5 seems to talk about getting two eyes for your group.

An important thing to remember is that your rank has not been well established yet, so you will not be matched against players of similar strength. I think new players might be a bit frighted about playing ranked games as it sounds more serious than unranked games, but it is the absolute best way to find players that are not too hard. As you play more games the system will be able to determine your rating more accurately. The default rank you begin with when you sign up is about 11k, but as you are a beginner you can expect this to drop to like 20k-30k.

Here is the OGS link to the game for reference: My very first game!


Thank you for your quick answers ! It’s really encouraging to have this support.

@jlt You said:

  • About the upper left group: ok, I understand.

  • “The other groups can’t make two eyes, so they are dead”:

But looking at the bottom left group that finally has one eye (if white plays at a1 or a2, then black plays at the freedom that remains so the black pieces win a point at the end, the group will be alive with one liberty, isn’t that?

Also, if instead of black playing at b2 and b1 the sequence is black plays b2, white plays a1, black plays a2, white plays c1, then no liberty is achieved by black, isn’t that?

  • I see also that white has 1 alive group with a liberty at d6, but can’t see that on the rest of the board white have any closed territories yet, so I cannot understand why white has such an advantage: black would have 2 points for b9+c8, 2 more for a1+a2… and white ?!

@PRHG Thanks for your references ! I will take a look at those videos.

Regards !

One eye is not enough to live. White can surround this eye and then play in it and capture

As said above, one eye is not enough to live. Let’s continue:

Capture d'écran 2024-03-03 204942

Black is in atari. If Black captures the white stone A2 next, then Black is still in atari and White captures the whole group.

Did you mean this sequence?
Capture d'écran 2024-03-03 205430

Then Black is still dead. For instance if Black plays A4 or A1 next then Black is in atari and White captures everything. If Black plays elsewhere then White can play at A4 and Black is in atari and can’t save his stones.

Imagine that the game continues:

White will end up capturing everything, except the upper left group.

I encourage you to play out other variations to convince yourself of that.