Help understanding a move


That’s the link to the game. The move I need to understand is White Number 12. Black to play. I don’t know how to move against that move while still having all in favor, or doing the proper joseki, since I don’t see the balance for both sides.


This is called the monkey jump. It is explained in details on this page:

Always a bad surprise the first time someone plays it against you :slight_smile:


thanks a lot!


That was an interesting application of it eh!

A “Double-jump-into-the-opposite-corner-burning-the-bridge-behind” !!


Fun fact, the Chinese name for it, 大伸腿, literally means big leg stretch :smiley:


I wondered if it was a “thing”.


very well said, indeed. :joy:


Yeah, I’ve found gnugo spams the monkey jump like crazy