Help wanted: novice players for puzzle feedback

Hi there. I’m looking for help grading the puzzles in a new puzzle series called Graded Elementary Puzzles for Kyu Players. If your rank is between 25 kyu and 16 kyu, I’d greatly appreciate your help by solving the two or three puzzles for your level and taking the poll below. Thank you!

EDIT: I made the puzzles easier. Feel free to vote again on the new assignments. Thank you!

  • The puzzles for my rank were too easy.
  • The puzzles for my rank were appropriate.
  • The puzzles for my rank were too hard.
  • I’m 15 kyu or stronger. The puzzles look too easy.
  • I’m 15 kyu or stronger. The puzzles look appropriate.
  • I’m 15 kyu or stronger. The puzzles look too hard.

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I did the first eight puzzles. I’m in the SDK ranks, so I’m not too sure (as I am outside of your intended audience), however, I feel like the puzzles might be a little bit too hard for the 28 kyu to 19 kyu range.

I mean they are great teaching examples, and players in that range could probably learn a good deal by carefully studying them, but I think a complete beginner might struggle to work through this stack without accompanying lessons to introduce some concepts.

For example, this one ( requires understanding the tactic of throwing in and then making the eye false.

Another puzzle ( requires reading out several forced moves, including that white needs to connect on a point of a stone captured from black.

This puzzle ( I actually got wrong on my first (not so thought out) attempt. The solution should go deeper forcing black to play out more of the sequence, if aimed at beginners.


What’s the point in asking for 28ks if OGS doesn’t support sub-25k display ranks?


These ones look hard if you aren’t meant to click through them. I got one wrong ^__6


Good point. I figured people could simply estimate how far under 25 kyu they are. But based on the until-now unanimous feedback that the puzzles are too hard, I think I’ll shift them all up two levels and make the lowest one simply “beginner.” So instead of 28, 27, 26, 25 and so on, it would be beginner, 25, 24, 23 and so on.


Well, I’m not sure if the difficulty starts at 25 kyu either.

I think it’s been suggested before, but it would be nice if the OGS system could somehow automatically grade problems based on the success rates and ranks of the players that try them.


What’s that?! The difference is more than two ranks? Oh dear. Well, it’s been a long time since I was a TPK. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.





Disclaimer: I don’t really do tsumego.

In general, for my TPK mindset the ones that asked for mutual life at the start were difficult to imagine. It’s still a novel concept to me (I know it exists, it’s not a solution that comes naturally, maybe it’s not a thing for all TPK though :woman_shrugging:t2:)

Also, at 26k1, I thought I had to kill “all” black stones, so I couldn’t grasp it at all.
At 26k1, “some stones” could be the one stone in atari, no?
(25k3 is probably simple, but I was watching a pro game earlier with the same predicament and now I can’t think)
24k1 almost sent me to do the dishes (something useful…) :stuck_out_tongue: I found the vague cues a bit anxiety- inducing, to be honest…
22k3 I didn’t get what I accomplished, tbh :frowning:
20k2 I solved through trial and error, so not really.
19k3 I gave up.


Mods gonna know.


more like 20k than 27-26k


There’s a meme in there in combination with this

but I can’t find it right now.


Graded go problems for beginners are fairly tough too

For example, v.2 25-20k



kyus were a lot tougher back then


I don’t love myself so I’ll do the edited, easier version as well.

I still find the mutual life concept here a bit complicated for 25k.
I like this one
I still find this one too vague.
This one, can someone help for my sanity? Is it easy and I can’t see it?
Did I solve this before? Because I can’t now.

Hm, they’re disappearing now, getting the OGS bork red X, I think I’m disinvited. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also not in your target audience, but I run a childrens go club, so I’m familiar with beginners and weaker players. I also feel that some problems seem quite hard for the stated level (but my club ranks may be weaker than OGS ranks, so I’m not really sure).

Here are a few that I felt were too hard for the level stated and I also estimated a more appropriate level: => 20k? => 18k? => 14k? => 16k? => 18k?
This is as far as I went into your collection.

I think that a puzzle where the solution is 5+ moves deep is generally too hard for TKP.

I feel that has good level estimations for its puzzles. The “beginner”/TPK category puzzles there are 1-3 moves deep.


you mean 2,5k - 2,0k?


That second one took me a long time. I got distracted with nakade ideas like bA3 +A2 - +B1 xA4 - C1, but the solution is much simpler.

It’s a great SDK tsumego ^^


The puzzles are all great and address many important concepts. I still have a feeling that many of them are too hard for the named kyu levels, but of course I can’t really tell. We probably need to get more actual 16 to 25 kyus to give feedback.


I have the same feeling, but I may just be bad at tsumego.


Hi. I’m a beginner and at the time of writing rated 23k (yesterday 24k, last week 25k). Overall I was really happy with the first few puzzles. Here my opinions for the first few:

  • 25 1 (21261) -> easy, but adequate
  • 25 2 (21262) -> good
  • 25 3 (21263) -> good
  • 24 1 (21264) -> I dont’ get it. The captured stone counts, but black shouldn’t play there, right? In some tries I only get 3 points (including the captured stone) but the puzzle says it’s right.
  • 24 2 (21265) -> too easy
  • 24 3 (21266) -> good
  • 23 1 (21267) -> good
  • 23 2 (21268) -> good, maybe lacks some more explainations