Help? whats going on?

After 1 day im banned. help?

Maybe as a result of this?

If you repeatedly exited scoring after the game was over, and then went back to passing, you could’ve been flagged for cheating and banned as a result. If you weren’t sure what you were doing, the mods will likely have mercy and reinstate your account.

Even if you did know what you were doing, and were just pissed at losing the game and decided to drag it out, the mods will likely reinstate you anyways if you’re contrite and promise not to do it again.

My understanding is that the mods always issue a warning for first time offenders… so I don’t think it is a leap to assume this is not the first time such a thing has happened.
Apologising will get you a long way (assuming to both your opponent and the moderator who had to adjudicate your situation) though don’t assume this is an “easy fix” as apologising may only reduce your sentence, not eliminate it.

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We do, but that said on some rare occasions (like creating a new account from a suspicious or problematic IP and seemingly start trolling right away), you can theoretically get unlucky :smiley: . Please PM me and we can talk it out.