Help with a endgame problem

Hi and thanks in advance.
Im practicing with a mobile app and I mistake with all endgame problems in the app. Can somebody help me?

I have this problem

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And when I play black on 2nd line the app plays creating an eye. See image.

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I dont understand why? I think it could be better save the 3 stones on left. Im wrong or the app is wrong. See image

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I’ll try to think of something, I made this demo board.

A nice problem. Your first move is right. If white saves the two stones, black goes down with the first stone (3-4). White must play a move for his stones on the right (1-4 or 1-5). Then, black plays atari on the stones at the top (4-5) ans captures five stones.

I played the variation on kingkaio’s demo board.

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I think it’s because White has to sacrifice those three stones. Responding at 2 allows Black to make these follow ups.


First variation, w takes and lives (sacrificing some stones)
Ah I missed the “endgame”, not a life &death pb, sorry

Yes, White playing move 6 at B4 lives and sacrifices 5 stones (after Black move 7 at D6).

However, that’s worse than just sacrificing 3 stones (by playing move 2 at D5 instead).

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Thanks to all. Finally, I can see it. Your help has been very usefull. Thanks a lot.