Help with a game vs amybot-beginner

Hi, I am two-weeks-new to go. I hope this is not a wrong forum for this post. Was trying to play games with amybot-beginner.
Recently I have noticed amybot-beginner resigns when it is not at all obvious to me that I have won.

I thought I made many blunders in this game.

But when I played on c3, amybot-beginner didn’t fight at all- and resigned soon after. Did I do anything wrong? For me, it was not at all obvious that I would win the bottom-left corner. What is going on?

Welcome to OGS, hope you enjoy your stay.

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I don’t really know how the bot is programmed. It shouldn’t really have passed until the borders were properly sealed off on the top right at least.

Maybe something triggered it to pass, like being ahead with some certainty (some amount of points) or maybe something happened with its time management or connection etc (it’s hard to know). Maybe once it passes once it’s stuck and can’t do anything else but pass, like stuck in a loop of passing, and if it starts losing it resigns.

Anyway, you could tell the admin of the bot about it if you wanted. On the bots profile page it gives the admin username.

Oh and welcome to the forum, and hope you’re enjoying playing Go :slight_smile:

Thank you very much shinuito and Attorante for your welcomes. I am enjoying the game a lot. Hope to spend a lot of time here in the future.


While this may be odd behavior for a bot - at least it resigned because you were ahead at Move 54 : )

Good luck on your Go journey

Welcome! Happyness comes with participation, the forum is open for all kind of topics, as long as it respect our TOS.
Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.