Help with account games never show up for public views

Since about last week my public games on this account never show up in “Watch”. Should be a OGS bug I think. My alt account works fine. Could some dev look into it?

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I am going to guess that you have been creating the game with the “Private” checkbox set.

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No it’s not. I watched out for that specifically and my friend can verify the game link works, they can enter the game room with link. It’s just it never shows up in public games.

Can you post here a link to such a game page

I agree, this is not private.

Can you make sure you have no filters set, like this:

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 5.21.03 pm

Filter is exactly like what you showed above. Plus my friend wasn’t able to see my game either

I guess we need a live example to look at in that case

Yeah, that’s wierd … @anoek ?

Seems AI never plays moves against me, is it a related issue?

Also an interesting fact that if I join other people’s public games, their games won’t be visible too. Maybe something is bugged out for my account

Issue is fixed… Thanks!

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