Help with analyzing this move

Is this the reason why E6 is better than B7 ?

  1. The black group in the top left is already alive. 2. Crawling on the second line is not worth it.

The above makes a case for why not to play B7.

Why does AI recommend a one space jump to E6?

Why not (1) approach at L6 or (2) invade at C3 or (3) take the corner with L9?

AI sensei says all three above are mistakes of -5.1 to -6 points. In all three cases AI suggests W’s next move is to attach at D6.

I agree there are better move than B7 but why is E6 better than these options?

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A general principle is to play urgent moves before big moves. The white group on the top left doesn’t have two eyes, so Black can attack it with profit. Once the attack is finished, Black can take a big point like approach or invade a corner.
Also if Black doesn’t play E6 then White can play D6 which would be annoying.


Anyway it’s not obvious that B7 is less good as E6, it’s an interesting suggestion from AI but you shouldn’t worry too much if you missed it.
B7 is still connecting and leave white with a heavy shape.

Considering black shape if that direction occured to me, i would even play a stronger shape with D6 instead of E6.

Your other propositions seem interesting too, but maybe there is some priority to exploit white weaknesses first. Still no big deal as your corner is well settled