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There isn’t much Go books translated to spanish, so I was thinking about shopping online. Kiseido offers a lot of stuff (and not cheap at all) so I was wondering if someone could advise me with what books are worth buying.

This is the LIST of books they offer.

I am around 16-18k strong, what do you guys recommend? Thanks a lot!!!

Graded go problems for beginners. Go problems are a very important part of study, especially in the high DDK range. Tsumego lets you know when you are alive, if you are alive, or can make life, then you can tenuki. The road to shodan is paved with tenuki. :smiley:

For things like the opening and joseki, you’re better off watching some of the fine Youtube lectures (for the time being). I recommend Nick Sibicky, his lectures are aimed specifically at DDK players.

There will come a time when you’ll need an in depth look at the opening and direction of play, but for now focus on tsumego and tesuji to practice your reading skills and grab the basics of the other aspects of the game from some of the free resources available.


Get Strong at Tesuji is one of my all-time favorite go books. It’s great for drilling the fundamentals, I highly recommend it.

The Graded Go Problems for Beginners series is quite good. The difficulty ramps up very nicely, and they cover a lot of ground, from life and death to tesuji to opening problems. The first one is very basic, so you might want to skip it.

Attack and Defense is a must read for any serious go player. I also quite liked Making Good Shape. However, both books might be a bit more advanced, so problem books are probably a better investment.

If you own an iOS device, definitely get the Smart Go Books app. There are tons of great, inexpensive books in it,with interactive diagrams.

EDIT: I also heard a lot of good things about Robert Jasiek’s books. He sells them as PDFs as well as physical books, so this might be another option.


Just one more thing about the SmartGo Books app for iOS (and hopefully soon for desktop):

On you can see there are also a few books in Spanish.

And yes, Robert Jasiek’s books are well worth reading (no matter the English in his first few books). At your current strength I’d strongly recommend First Fundamentals. Worth every cent.

<edit> Latest addition to my book shelf is Jasiek’s Endgame 1 - Fundamentals — after browsing through the first pages I can already say this is an extremely nutritious read. </edit>

Greetz, Tom


iOS, yeah, lol. I currently own a nokia asha 302, which I bought last year to replace my old motorola c115 (I am totally serious in this one).

Great guys, thanks for the responses, this was of great help!

I’m aware that nick’s videos are good, I’ve watched two of them, I’ll watch more in the future.


Here is a huge collection of go book reviews

I would highly recommend “Tesuji” and “Life and Death”, both by James Davies, which are volumes 3 and 4 of the Kiseido “Elementary Go Series”. Despite being labelled as “elementary”, this series is definitely not for absolute beginners, but suitable for DDKs trying to firmly establish themselves as strong SDKs.


I second all the recommendations for Graded Go Problems For Beginners. I am presently 10k or so and finding the third book suits perfectly. I bought the second book somewhere around 15k and it was fantastic.

Jasiek’s “First Fundamentals” was also extremely helpful. In addition I can strongly recommend “The Second Book of Go”, by Bozulich - both cover the same kind of ideas, but with very different ways of expressing them. Maybe the Bozulich one comes first, but then, you may already be strong enough not to need most of it.

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legas – IWAMOTO’s ‘Go for Beginners’ , although old now, would still be useful to you (you will probably have to read in English).