Help with learning go

I am trying to learn go, but I can’t get past problem 3 of defending in the basic princable section. There is no help or hint button. Please help me, and please fix that.

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Which problem set are you talking about? Can you post a link?

Play Go at! | OGS and then problem 3

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If you can make two eyes, then your group will live. Read this page:

Can you now find the answer to problem 3?

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to have your stones secure (we call that “alive”) you need to use two aspects of the rules of go

1 You cannot play somewhere if you are surrounded, unless you capture at the same time
(so you are then no more surrounded)

2 you cannot play two moves at the same time, we only play one by one

so if you manage to have inside a bunch of your stones two solid¹ places where your opponent cannot play, then he will never be able to eat them.

there are more to read in different tutorials on internet, with pics and diagrams and the OGS one is short and blitz so please help yourself around!

happy discovery to you.

Note ¹ solid means you can keep that place empty to the end of the game. If you need to put a stone later to avoid some of your stones around the hole to be captured, then this hole (we call it eye) is not solid.

Here black group in the upper right is secure (alive)
In the lower left black made two holes but the hole 1 is not solid. Black need to put a stone there or white will eat the oo stones. So black, with one hole only finally after connecting, is not secure (dead)

Note ²: it’s not crucial if you don’t understand now this. You can simply go play and try, better with another beginner for fun.
If you have difficulties (for example to finish a game) ask around (main chat or call a mod) most will be happy to help.