Help with tactic puzzle

Hey everyone,
I recently starred playing go within the month. As a chess player I love the simplicity of piece movement in comparison, but even more the level of strategy involved to develop ones territory. With that being said can someone help with this puzzle! I’m playing black and dont know the next move. Thank you.

That puzzle looks broken. Do you have a link for it?

If this is puzzle 3 of the Learn to Play Go, Defend series, the answer is b1 (from the starting position).

P.S.: Welcome to OGS! Please stay for a while. :slight_smile:


Normally when you play the wrong move you get this:


but I was able to recreate the position shown by the OP by starting with A3. It seems A3 needs to be added to the list of wrong answers.

I don’t think there is an error (though I understand the confusion).
But AFAIK all tsumego programs are built like that.

Just because there is a programmed answer to your first move, does not mean the move was correct. It is done that way to show a refutation to a move that might be percieved as correct, and thus offer better feedback. Not only it’s wrong, but show why it does not work.

If you continue the puzzle you will inevitably reach “wrong” screen and will be promptet to retry from the beginning.