Help with understanding removing stones


Please look at this game. I was black. I don’t understand why I was not given points for the upper left corner.

I will say, I don’t understand how removing stones works at the end of the game. (I understand the RULE–I don’t understand the interface. What am I supposed to do? Click on stones? I think what happened is I clicked on the white stone in the upper left area, and that removed all my counted spaces. WHY?


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OGS’s score estimator (SE) is not very good.
Because there was a white stone in black territory, SE thought there was an undecided area. If you had clicked on it, it would have become your territory.
In that case you would have lost with 14.5 points instead of 30+ points.

The following link describes playing a game of go and also scoring/removing stones.


If you don’t agree with the score/status of groups, don’t!
Correct it yourself. If you can’t reach the right scoring, pause the game and ask for moderator. They can help but they can’t change the result of a game (only can annul) if already agreed.

@Atorrante the tool used to calculate the score is not SE the cursed score estimator which can be used during the game. Maybe we should give a different name like score calculator?


SE and SC both attempt to determine the score (and are often wrong and misleading).
Wouldn’t it be confusing to introduce another label?

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The scoring of the game is done by the autoscore, which is separate from the SE. The mistake in this game was the result of the recent autoscore bug. The developer is working on replacing the autoscore system.

I advise beginners not to click on the board during scoring (stone removal) unless they are sure about the change they are making and how to do it. In case of a mistake or someone cheating, the original score can always be reset by clicking the autoscore button.