Helping players on OGS

Here’s some scenarios I thought up. Should I intervene and what’s the best way to go about it.

Do you find yourself in situations similar to this?

  1. Suppose you see a 25k correspondence game in counting phase. And it’s clear to you, big brain kyu, that the players don’t fully understand counting phase. What to do here?
  2. Or suppose you see a 25k correspondence game in counting phase. And one player already accepted the score with incorrectly marked stones. (And let’s assume it affects the result)
  3. Or suppose you see a 25k correspondence game already ended with stones marked incorrectly and wrong result. What to do here?

I would suggest calling a moderator. At least that’s what I do.


For #1 and #2 then you can just send a link to a how to score video or type it to them to them. If they still don’t know how then I guess you could call a moderator.

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Calling a moderator is the way to go here, I think.


Note that you can’t comment to them in the game chat, because they can’t see your comments there until after the game.

Case #1 may warrant a PM saying “hey, I can see you are trying to set the life, you need to shift click” or “you need to accept” or whatever. Even this is a little tricky, because not all persons will welcome another person out of the blue.

Cases #2 and #3 are slightly more tricky because assessing life and death and accepting the correct score is part of the game: assistance there ventures into “outside help” territory.

For 25ks, IMO helping is OK because clearly they are learning, especially if the error is a blatant one - huge areas of territory unclaimed etc. If it is more like a genuine “they didn’t realise that was dead” it may be unfair on the opponent to interfere with that result.

Hence the suggestion to get a moderator to help sounds pretty right.


We all made a lot of mistakes when we were 25k and survived.
Scoring wrongly a game isn’t a big trouble.
Let the kids grow making their own mistakes.


I have only one thing to add to what has already been said. In the case of #3, the situation may already have been dealt with depending on how old it is. Before calling a mod, check the game information in the side panel to see whether it has been annulled already.


Huh why doesn’t some people read other people’s messages ?Like this it would take a long time to to learn.Edit some people in thee go club I am in tell something to me that they should tell a moderator or don’t even let a stranger join there group and kicked .Maybe some people just want to be safe from hackers.

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I don’t like the idea of offloading everything to moderators. Don’t they have enough on their shoulders dealing with trolls and such? This problem seems small on enough to be attempted on person-to-person basis. Human interaction is not wrong.

Ha! But that’s survival bias. Sure, you and me survived past that. But how many didn’t? When beginners are just figuring out the game scoring can cause enough confusing for them to drop the game.


That’s Sparta!!! :smile:

It’s only one of the first survival tests in the long thrilling journey of a go player.

Go isn’t for everybody. :innocent:


I agree that a friendly helpful community is a good thing, and there surely is space for the wise to help out the newcomers.

Lots of newcomers will doubtless be very grateful.

There will inevitably be some rude rebuffs as well - not everyone welcomes help.

And some of it needs to come after the game is finished, to avoid “interference/outside help” issues.