Hey OGS, can you tell us when the survey data will be released?

About a week or more ago, OGS put a survey form that asks the user’s ranks on different servers (OGS, KGS, Tygem, etc) and whether the user thinks his rank is overrated/underrated on the servers.

Someone asked on comment where the result can be found and OGS answered that the result will be released when the survey is over.

I have been waiting for the past week for the result because I am very curious about it but there is still no result posted yet…

I am wondering when and where the result will be available

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We still have results filtering in albeit at a slower rate than before… we currently have about 890 responses to the survey. If you go to the actual survey itself and you’ve taken it already then I believe you can view the results that way. Otherwise we’ll probably release the raw data and our analysis of it in early January.


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