Hi all! Please show some support for my new story

Okay, so I just started writing a romance novel, with the Prologue and the First Chapter is still in progress. I don’t usually write romance because my stories were once based off of Thrillers and Mystery. However, I have decided to switch over to Romance to see how it’ll go and I really hope you guys could show me some support and let me know.


5 years ago, ex-couple Miranda Golding and Austin Sears had broken up. After years of unsuccessful hooking up and disappointment, they sought for their last resort- online dating.
Call it fate or whatever, but the pair happened to chance upon each other online, not knowing who the other party was… until they met in real life.

Here are the links:

Prologue https://storybird.com/chapters/if-we-could-1/1/?token=5fh4qzcq92
Chapter One https://storybird.com/chapters/if-we-could-1/2/?token=y49bjxmbe2 <- still in progress

Thank you guys! :relaxed:


Just read them. :slight_smile:
Not exactly my genre but hey, why not? :wink:

It’s a nice idea, up to now. Let’s see how it’ll develop. ^^

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Wow, really? Thank you SO much! :slight_smile: