Hi, Been a while

I’ve been busy with life so I’ve not really gotten the chance to check in to the forums in a few weeks. This game is funnily enough, The FIRST game that I’ve completed on a 13×13 board in weeks. Half my games are literally me resigning because I don’t own the phone I use to play go. I don’t have one so when the person whose phone I borrowed asks for it back, I gotta resign.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Please be as brutal as you need with the criticisms. I can take it, I want to learn more about go since it’s been the sole thing on my head since I learned the rules. My past time when I don’t have a device or I don’t wanna watch tv is thinking of Go Positions nowadays.

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You’ll get more from reviewing lost games but anyway, here is a quick comment. After this move

at move 48 you captured the three black stones at the bottom. That move was useless because Black can’t save the three stones (can you see why?), so it was almost as bad as passing. Same thing at moves 58 and 142.
Moreover the game was not finished. A move was left at L13.


So basically I was cashing in on my stones way too early and wasting moves? Alright, continue please.

So for move 48 you could have played elsewhere on the board. For instance in the upper right part.

Big chance is that you will even not need to cash them… wasting move yes it’s a bit like passing, please my opponent play again. Which you guess is very armful.