Hi, can anyone tell me how scoring works?

This is the game I just had with AI and looks like I was trounced but how is this scoring works?

^ this is for normal games

Games against bots are autoscored. That gane has been miscored because black has the possibility to kill that group buy adding a move.
It is an unranked game, so it won’t affect negatively your rank. The result can’t be changed. I am sorry about that.

Ah thanks but can you tell me how black can kill the group? Because I am black and I am definitely missing it.

The game was actually scored in White’s favor:

The AI suggests this continuation for how Black could kill White’s group:

I’ve added it as a variation to the game


I’m not sure. I think given the level, the game was scored fine. @yebellz shows the scored state of the game.

Of course estimating the score will be different depending on whose turn it is to move.

If black wants to claim that the lower side is dead, they would probably need to prove it, or in theory resume and let White play first :slight_smile:

But in games against bots with Chinese rules, you can just capture all stones you want to declare as dead stones anyway.

Yes, I think this game was scored fine. It appears that both Black did not see an opportunity to kill White, and White did not see the urgency to defend (by not playing another move), thus it seems that both players implicitly agreed that White’s bottom group was alive and the automatic scoring wound up with that outcome.

Letting your opponent play first upon requesting a resumption is specifically a feature of the Japanese rules. This game was not played under Japanese rules, but if it were, then I believe it would technically be a case of both players lose.

Under Chinese and other area scoring rules, playing on to settle a life and death dispute just resumes with whoever was next to play, based on who passed last.

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