Hidden move go variant

I created a github-item for a go-variant i would love to see on OGS:

If you agree, feel free to upvote or/and comment.

Here is the description:


I think go variants would be a really fun addition to, and draw for, ogs. Besides Rengo, which obviously has been a standing community-request for a while, i would like to pitch Hidden Move Go.

Pre-game move selection:

  • Before the game starts, each player choose 3 points on the board where they want to place hidden stones.
  • if players choose the same spot in selection-phase, both players get to replace those stones


  • The hidden stones remain hidden until they are revealed during the game, either by blocking a placement on the same spot, or being activated by a capture.

Other than that, the game is played as usual.

Additional Information:

  • No ranked games allowed
  • boardsizes allowed 19x19, 15x15, 13x13? No 9x9 (3 stones would be to much for that)
  • Your own hidden stones should be visible during play, or placement should be marked somehow.
  • both players hidden stones should be visible for spectators. thats half the fun, i feel. ( alt. make it a setting in the game creation dialog to allow or disallow spectators to see hidden stones)

Example of gameplay:

Rengo, hidden move Go, and one-colour Go can actually all be played on OGS. You just have to be inventive with the way you go about it as the site’s not designed for them, and sure it’s not perfect but it’s possible to have a game.

With hidden move Go specifically, you can post the coordinates of your hidden stones in the Malkovich log which is treated the same as spectator chat. That way you can commit the positions of the hidden stones in a way that the spectators can see and the players can check after the game.


True, but then thats not what this is about. =) its about having actual support for it

I also thought so, but one can just log-off to see the Malkovich log, so it isn’t a good place to store secrets. :slight_smile:

That’s why it’s a gentleman’s sport :wink:


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