Hide account?

I know there’s no way to delete an account, but is there a way to lock or hide an account? I’m a fairly new player, and I got frustrated during a game and expressed that I’m a bad player and I’m not sure if I want to continue. The other player encouraged me to just quit.
I decided maybe I should and, still upset, threw all the games I had going, quit all the tournaments I was in, tanked my rank, and right now I really do not want to come back. Even if I wanted to come back, I feel like I have no good reason to, and I’d basically be starting over anyway. My win/loss ratio is awful since I threw a bunch of correspondence games, and I feel like I have no good reason to ever come back.

I just want to give up. I feel I was a bit rash in throwing everything away, but I think it’s too late now, and I can’t imagine ever being motivated to return at this point. Is there anything I can do?


It’s possible to rename your account and ban it, so that you no longer have access, but to me it sounds like you’ve had a bit of a bad day, and that things might look sunnier tomorrow.

I wouldn’t let one bad apple ruin the game of Go for you. If you’ve met a rude player, feel free to report them using the “Call moderator” button, then we can have a talk with them about it and prevent the same from happening again.

And as far as having an awful win/loss ratio is concerned: is that really why you’re playing, to get a good win/loss ratio? It isn’t, right? I think you might enjoy playing just for fun, without worrying about rank. In the settings there is an option to “hide ranks and ratings”, which will make your progress invisible to you, such that you don’t have to worry about rank. Some people find it a lot less stressful not knowing their rank.

Finally, we have a very good rating system for this kind of situation. Although you’re ranked lower at the moment than you should, you’ll be back in no time at your original level, if you just keep playing. 10 to 20 games should be enough, usually.


I also had a couple of bad days not too long ago and needed a break from too many correspondence games, dumped my games and tanked my rank.

I stopped playing for a bit but kept reading/watching/chatting with people about go because I still like it, and eventually started to play some games again. It probably will take a few games to get the rating back up.

I wouldn’t worry about win/loss ratio. At the end of the day it wouldn’t matter if you lost thousands of games but learned from them and became a pro player :slight_smile: There’d probably something odd about a ‘too good’ win/loss ratio anyway, like if it was really high/low for a player, maybe they play too many weak/strong players relative to themselves.

Hope you don’t let a bad experience put you off what I think is a fun game with a lot of depth, that is if you have been enjoying playing it anyway :slight_smile:


Many players here had the same experience as you have. They lost and lost and lost again. Soon the game is asking you to look at yourself and that’s something that is not always easy to enjoy.

If some day you want to come back, you’ll be welcome again. And even you then can use the same account because the rating is quite responsive on OGS, or create a new one.


I think you can retire a account.

I’m on vacation, but I thought the nick seemed familiar.
Welp, I resigned a bunch of games, amongst them the one between you and me, because I needed some vacation days. My abysmal rank became even more abysmal but I don’t really care, I’ll be back and have some more fun next week.

By the way, fwiw, I had fun in our game. I needed to resign for me, but you were a nice opponent. :woman_shrugging: :slight_smile: