Hide last move indicator


Very quick fix to combat puppy-go (i.e. loss of focus). In real life, you also don’t get that indicator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it should be an option.

That’s all. :slight_smile:


I like the idea, but I don’t really agree that it matches real life - in real life you see the person place the stone, unless you are looking the other way at the time.

Maybe to match this, the “last move” indicator should fade quickly on the board… that would be the most equivalent thing for “live” games. I don’t think we could fake it for correspondence games.



Do the people you play in real life keep their finger(s) on the stone they played last? :astonished:

And no, I mean completely disabling it. Display the stone, but not the circle. That way people (yes, barring deaf people ~) could close their eyes, wait for the sound and then assess the situation somewhat objectively. I think it’s very hard for beginners and sometimes even weathered veterans to ignore that pesky circle.


Yeah - I totally agree it’s a really neat idea.

I’m just saying it’s not like in real life :stuck_out_tongue: It’s better :smiley:

Potentially this is even a front-end-only change we could do quickly! As far as I can see it should be: maybe that new keen front end developer would take it on as the next cool idea.

@AdamTropp : a nice little feature where you get to work out how to set and get user preferences ;), and also have to dig into the guts of the goban display :open_mouth:

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I agree. But is hiding it the best option?
I know for sure that, if there was no circle, I would flip back and forth to see where did my opponent actually place his stone.
I’m not strong enough to recall board positions by heart and I think that it’s a good piece of information to know where your opponent is focusing. Even if you don’t want to answer locally. I’d say especially if you don’t want to answer locally.

Knowing which is the last move and choosing to tenuki is something that must be trained too.

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“Is that sente?” (Haylee) :smile:


How you use it would be up to you. :slight_smile:

I’m merely saying that the presence of that circle makes it artificially hard to ignore the move.

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