Hide rating graph + Setting games within +/- range

I see options to hide ratings completely, and to adjust how the graph is plotted under “Settings”. Love this.

Still, there’s room for improvement imo, so sharing some thoughts.

1) An option to hide just the graph

I personally like to know my approximate rank, but don’t like seeing the rating fluctuations over time. When the plot is flat, it just seems to highlight that I haven’t been improving. When it decreases, it just highlights a slump.

I’d love for an option to just hide the graph.

This wouldn’t just benefit me, but anyone that’s “too worried” about their rank / improving over time - and I think a lot of us are :sweat_smile: .

Similar to the hide ratings option, this would:

  • Help relieve performance pressure
  • Promote a positive mindset (emphasis on learning, not short-term outcomes)
  • Emphasize enjoying the game

But still share some amount of data (the rating with confidence interval).

2) Setting the min / max rankings using a +/- interval

For the “hide rank” option, there doesn’t seem to be a way to create games within a certain range of my level without knowing my own rank. I like to keep my games within a certain range of levels, but if I am hiding my rank I still need to set the min / max threshold manually.

In this screenshot, I’ve set my profile settings to “hide ranks and ratings”, but would usually need to know my rating to set the min/max…


This feature seems somewhat obvious, so am I missing something? Is there a way to set games to “within two levels” or something like that? :thinking:


Just occurred to me that for the 1st one, I could probably just delete the related div where class = 'ratings-row'.

I think I saw someone mention a plugin where you can set your own modifications to certain webpages.
If someone knows the method, mind sharing? Is it a plugin or some feature of the Chromium browser? (I usually use Brave).


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If you don’t want to guess/see ranks but still propose some challenge not using the automatch then there should be big changes, like hiding the “select to play” graph among others.

Custom challenge still offers you options that automatch doesn’t (ruleset, time etc… ).

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You’re right. I never used the “select to play” graph, and didn’t realize it was for finding opponents, but since it shows your rank that could be an issue for those that don’t want to see their rank.

However, my issue is not about seeing my rank, but the temporal / count component of the rating graph. I want to know my rank. I just don’t want a system to highlight my lack of improvement, which is what the x-axis of the graph does. :person_shrugging:

As for automatch, I had forgotten about it. I’d use it if the time settings were more easily controlled. I simply don’t want to play any game that is less than 10 mins with 5 x 30s. Really I aim for 15-30 min + 5x 30s, so the way it works now isn’t suited to the games I want to play (unless it can be adjusted some way I don’t know). I’m a slow thinker. :sweat_smile:

I realize these all may come across as personal feature requests, but I do believe these would improve the platform without negative consequences that I can think of (other than the time investment of the developers :bowing_man: ).

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This has been solved for me. The plugin I’m using is Tampermonkey.

ChatGPT easily helped me write a script to hide the graphs. I’m not sharing the script here because I worry folks blindly copy and paste JS code shared online, which can be dangerous.

The prompts were simple. To summarize, it was something like:

I’m looking to remove an element on any webpage that matches https://online-go.com/player/* (where * is a wildcard) using Tampermonkey. Here is the selector taken from the dev tools: #default-variant-container > div.User.container > div.ratings-row. Use MutationObserver to watch for dynamic changes in the DOM

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