Hide SGF download button if game settings disallow it

Improvement request: hide (don’t show) the .sgf download button if game settings doesn’t allow it until the game is finished.

Currently, we get a fake .sgf file which includes “Error: SGF downloading is disabled for this game until the game is finished.” in it. It would be even better if the download button is simply not shown in such a case.

Thanks! – Alex :slight_smile:


Is that worth trying to code, though? It seems kind of inconsequential.

Thanks Samraku for the feedback. This is not without consequences, a fake sgf file is provided and software can’t open it. The user has no way to know the sgf file is not valid until it is opened in a text editor.

Instead of providing an invalid sgf file, it would be much better to not offer it in the first place. That’s what this feature request is about.

Does that help? – Alex :slight_smile:


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