Hiding online status?


I was wondering that was there some option in the settings that I could turn on and off, such that people / other players couldn’t know if I’m online or not?

I thought there was such an option but checked and found nothing…


I don’t think this is an option available .

I’m also interested. Some of my opponents are shown to be offline even though they are actually online. Which makes it difficult to tell if they are trying to lose by disconnect/timeout. My no. 1 annoyance.

Chat says it’s a known bug. But you can’t trust anything OGS’ chat says.

I believe that playing via an app (or maybe just the Android one) shows you as offline all the time anyway. If that’s an OGS bug, an app bug, both or neither I don’t know but that’s how it is.
I suppose the disconnection timer doesn’t kick in when you are playing a live game via the app and it’s only the green dot that doesn’t work so it should still be clear that the opponent is connected to the game in that case.

Deliberate loss by time out must be different and I don’t see how the online indicator makes a difference in this case.


The green dot indicates if the player is connected to game chat

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What would be the point of this functionality?

I was confused, but I just realized you are referring to the countdown for disconnection on their profile picture. You’re right. But they still can lose by timeout without indication because the green dot is always off the whole game.