High speed game review


Is there a way to have high speed, automatic, game automatic play back?

If so, is there a way to watch groups of high speed games in succession?

Is there an option to select available games from the entire site?

I believe if I could watch many games at a rate if approx 1 move per second my playing would greatly benefit. I currently assume it would be wise to watch games from people ranked a few ranks higher than the observer.

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Are you looking for the “Game Preferences > Autoplay delay (in seconds)” in settings?


Yes, you can do this.

  1. Find a game to review. Any game will do. Finished, in progress, live, correspondence, uploaded SGF, anything

  2. Go to settings > game preferences > autoplay delay (in seconds) and set to one.

  3. Go to the game, navigate to move 1 and press the play button in the middle below the board. Game should play out at one second per move



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