Hikaru no Go fan! There's now a new Manga about Go!

Crow in the Starry Sky - about a young female Go player.

Not sure how it is seeing as I just started reading it just now. :slight_smile:


The first translation that they did in English back in 2013 was to much of a tease. I’m happy to hear they are in the process of translating more chapters

And NOT ONE of you gives us any links and/or pics :sob:



I got really excited when I saw the title but somehow I just can’t get into the story.
I LOVED Hikaru no Go. Maybe the problem is just that I’m constantly comparing it? So far I just can’t relate to any of the characters. :frowning:


I feel the same way. There were things I did and didn’t like about Hikaru-no-go, but i can’t help feeling like this Manga is I dunno… trying to hard or something? Not compelling yet, although we only have a few chapters, hopefully as we see more of it, it becomes more compelling.

If you liked Hikaru No Go, here is a continuation of it, 79 chapters written by a fan. It’s really good actually. I would totally recommend it. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/2914615/1/The-Neverending-Road


I watch the hikaru no go anime and the manga.

wait, did he just say “a young female go player”? he’s in for a surprise lol:ramen:

I want more chapters orz A few more chapters came out last week and I’m happy! Thank god for the translators.

I really like Hoshizora because I find it a lot more relatable than Hikaru no Go – or at least in the sense that I feel like the author understands “loving go” a lot better (or well, the obsession of it or how serious people are about it).