Historic games archive - SGF

Is there a good source of games through the ages? I have found this, wondering if there are other ones I could check out.


In “other resources”, you ll find many more suggestions to explore Especially if you want commentaries coming with.

Thanks, am specifically looking for 1600 to 1900. Will go check that out…

Waltheri is more pattern based?

You can easely access any game ther, it s 75000 games database behind. There are more database online which are similar like gobase, gogod…
Old commented games come more in books or videos.

That’s great, thanks. I see that gobase has date based search, which should allow me to get a long way - however it looks like you need to subscribe. Given this is a one-off, I will look for free resources first…

I don’t need commentary, but ideally good representations of ‘honte’ style at each in a sequence of periods (for separate study).

On gobase you ll have to register and pay (well it’s long time i didn’t go so need to check)

Ah yes - Waltheri allows date based search - and it goes back pre-1700!

That’s very cool. Have always liked that site, now like it even more :slight_smile:

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Just remember to double-check the results from Waltheri for games before modern komi (games before 1980s in general), it sometimes puts the wrong results.