Home screen shortcuts on iOS not working anymore [solved]

Dear devs,

Recently the “app shortcut” I have for iOS on my iPhone home screen has stopped working properly. Normally opening this “web app” would open its own Safari session that would be persistent across time. This meant that every time I opened OGS, it would remember that I had dark theme selected and muted sound, for instance.

Now, a couple of things happen. These settings are not remembered, although I remain logged in, and I always get the following error:

The welcome message seen in the background is always there, as are the default sound and theme settings. Plus, notifications don’t work, and I have to press home to go back to the game list and see if it’s my turn to play.

Strangely, this does not happen if I open OGS in a normal Safari tab (not through the home screen “web app” shortcut). This started happening after iOS 11.3 update, can’t be sure if the update broke something in the ability to locally save some cookie that enables these settings to be remembered between sessions.

Not holding my breath for this to be solved, but still I thought it would be worthwhile to document this issue.

Aaaaaaand this issue is magically solved just as misteriously as it came into being… X-)

Edit 2018-05-15: the exact same issue resurfaced. Given that this topic has been closed, will anybody see this?

Edit 2018-05-21: the issue is intermittent. Since my last edit, the problem has solved itself, and now it is happening again. I’m documenting this here in the hope that it is somehow useful as debugging info.

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That’s how I like my problems :smiley: solving themselves.

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