Hoshi - keima-gakari - hasami joseki variation

I was countered with W10 move and played B11. This variation doesn’t get played by White at all (according to databases), I wonder why is that. Doesn’t look that bad for me. Is it because W2 can get attacked?
So what do you think of W10?
Demo board for full position: https://online-go.com/demo/view/239232

W10 is bad, because white lose sente and W2 is not idealy placed.
The usual joseki is sente for white

There’s a member of my go club who loves playing like this (although he doesn’t exchange 8 for 9)

Compare with the Takemiya joseki in which white can play two additional moves than the one you have demonstrated. You can say it is worse. https://online-go.com/demo/view/247229