How About Ladder Stats?

I think it might be nice to record somewhere highest positions achieved in ladders. So players can compare. For tie-breaking we might also record for how long the position was held in time or in challenges repelled.

Realistically probably it would only make sense for sidewide ladders.

This information isn’t available anywhere at the moment, it’s a little sad.

Of course, it would need to be a separate table for this, and figure out design, and ladders aren’t high priority. Simpler solution: give medals for reaching high places in ladder. image We already have system and design in place to give these, shouldn’t be hard in the ladder code to give it, if a player doesn’t have it yet.


Great idea! A little badge in the “ladder” section of your profile?

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Want a way to rest on your laurels eh? Don’t like the temporality of ladder ranks?

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Maybe it will be less of an issue now but I thought it’d be like have “highest ever” rank stat shown. Like in the app. I think that’s great since you (I) forget these things


Yes, currently any player can have any place in the ladder. It’s shuffled all the time. Something more stable would be nice.

Ideally, highest rank ever plus for how long it was held in time and in matches defended. For example, I’m very interested in how long Sadaharu sat there on the first place, even though.

Light easy to program version is to have trophies. Shouldn’t be difficult to give/upgrade trophy in the part of the code that handles position changes.


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