How are the final rankings of tournaments calculated for identical points?

I have one general question regarding the final rankings of tournaments:

In the (Meijin Handicap Title Tournament 2013 I came in second - which is great, I never expected to achieve such a good result!

I made as much points as the first place though - so my question is: Why is he chosen the winner?

Is it because the opponent score is higher? Or is it because his name starts with a letter further up in the alphabet :wink:
I even won the direct match against him - so this fails as a reason.

Thank you very much!

The sum of opponent scores and sum of defeated opponent scores are used as tie breakers and you see those to the right of the score. You’ll notice in that tournament that his are both higher than yours thus the tiebreaker went in his favor.

Thank you matburt. That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t find any information about this in the help/doc.