How are the pro games in Waltheri's chosen?

Does anybody know?
I don’t see Ueno Asami and she’s a pro, isn’t she?


I got the impression it’s just a random collection of whatever they could get their hands on. Seems to be lots of old games, not so many new ones. Is Ueno Asami a current pro? If so, lack of new games might be why she’s not there.

Sensei’s Library has a list of Go databases. Maybe one of the other ones has her in. Go Databases at Sensei's Library


Yes, she’s barely 20 or sth freshly pro. (I love her fighting style)
Her contemporary Fujisawa Rina is in there (many games of hers in fact), so I don’t know why one and not the other…

Thank you, I will check it out, so many databases I didn’t know about :heart_eyes_cat:


There’s 173 games listed on go4go.

(not sure why this is a reply to the wrong person, but oh well)


I dunno if 5 years counts as “fresh”, but gosh darn it, all these 20 y.o. elite players make me feel old a.f.


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上野愛咲美 Ueno Asami (Wano Asami)

Caught this odd romanisation on SL. It seems like an ad-hoc phonetic transcription, but idk.

上野 = うえの = ueno, but I don’t know where this “wano” is coming from.


In general, my advice for finding players in Waltheri is this:

  1. Look for them in the database at Go games database of Waltheri's go pattern search

  2. If you can’t find them there, check SL to see whether they have any alternative names. They might have either

  • a) changed their name for one or more of a variety of reasons, as was common in Edo–Meiji times,

  • b) taken an honorary name, often on winning the Honinbo title five times, like how Takagawa Kaku became Takagawa Shukaku, or

  • c) replaced their original Chinese or Korean name, on going professional in Japan, with a Japanese-style name. In the case of Chinese / Taiwanese-born professionals, this is often by using a different reading of the same kanji. See how Lin Haifeng became Rin Kaiho, Cho Chihun became Cho Chikun etc.

  • d) changed their maiden name, for female players, to a marital name.

  1. If they do have an alternative name or names, search for them as well.

  2. If you have no luck here, switch to the advanced search at Go games database of Waltheri's go pattern search. Some players aren’t listed on the database page, but can be found with the advanced search.

Of course, you don’t actually need to do 1. and 3. since it’s fine to skip straight to the advanced search. Those steps are demonstrative.


She’s in W and I missed her?

Nope, at least not as far as I know.

I just thought this guide would be useful for finding other elusive players.

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