How can I and Opponent analyse game simultaniously?

As I asked. How is it possible to open a finished game that both see simultaniously the analysis?

Only one person can take control during the review. But the other person may share variation in chat and you may click on his name(by expanding the audience list) to pass control to him during review.


Hello Spatula,
thank you for your reply. Do I use the Review Tool or the Analysis tool for it?

You go over to the right hand side slide out menu and click review this game

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hi @spatula, thats great to know! I have to admit that I couldn’t find the button when I did a review a few minutes ago even though I read your tip before, but after coming back to this thread I noticed, that the buttons in the ‘audience list’ are indeed different from the buttons when you click the big user name (with picture).
In case anybody feels as blind as me when looking for that function, I made a screenshot :slight_smile: