How can I (at 16k) help others?

I have already received a lot of help and advice here and I would like to reciprocate. However, at the moment I would only feel competent for things like a teaching game on a 9x9 with a near beginner or something similar. Should I just offer this in the Teaching Games category? Or is there a better way to help others?


We have a lot of new players to the game who show up … sometimes in site chat… sometimes not. The best way to help out is if you see someone who is totally new to the game in chat, or posting a challenge as a 20k - 25k try to reach out to them and see if you can help them overcome that beginners hump.

Likewise, create unrated challenges for players lower than your rank that includes their rank range and try to engage them as new players.

Really appreciate you being willing to give back :slight_smile: New players face a daunting task of learning to play the game effectively and it’s easy to get discouraged. Finding and nurturing that interest is huge for both the site and for those players.


:heartpulse: ( <— means to express 1) my appreciation for your words and 2) my appreciation for the fact that you are doing exactly this for Go players worldwide by creating and nurturing OGS)

And actually it also is huge for the giver, not only to those who are given, as I know from having introduced Go to dozens of kids (perhaps 50), and to quite a few adults. Also, In Real Life™ I usually always have to give stones when playing, since the next stronger player lives too far away, but still it’s always fun for both, and the HC keeps it thrilling for me when I face 9 or even more stones on 19x19.

Cordially, Tom


I have been thinking about this as well.

I’ve been giving teaching games now and then which I enjoy, but there has been no continuity aspect to it. There are groups (e.g. teaching league, SDK study group) but they don’t seem actively utilised. I think a more active group centered around teaching (and not just ‘teaching games’ per se) would be great; the tutorial could point to such a group on the final page.

I’ve thought about creating a small group to get some continuity with the people I’ve played teaching games, but haven’t done anything like that yet.


@LinuxGooo, I find your comment highly demotivating and demoralizing, and overall just the WRONG way to respond to somebody who wants to contribute.

Also, I get the impression all you‘re really interested in is in promoting your own threads. This is NOT really helpful, and IMNSHO it is rather spammy.

Please reconsider.

@esmeyny wants to give something back to the community, which is really friendly, and you reply with this:

[quote=“LinuxGooo, post:5, topic:2521”]
Dont overstress yourself to think that you need to give back something what you received in such an early stage… 16kyu is in real life ranking systems, e.g. in EGF an 18kyu.
[/quote]Uhm, really?

Actually, upon reading your comment again, I find it quite offensive, vain, arrogant, and condescending.

So, there you have it.

And @esmeyny, please don’t let yourself be stopped from helping. I have introduced many many people to Go when I had a lower rank than you, so it IS possible.

Cordially, Tom