How can i play with bots

i can not play with bots.i don"t know how to have no handicap stones or get unranked help me i can not play with bots

Choose which bot, board size, time controls, and handicap. Note: Some bots only play specific sizes, time controls, handicap settings, etc.
To make the game unranked, click the checkmark to the right of “Ranked”, and to disable handicap, set handicap to “None”.


It might also be easier to play with a bot that lives on your desktop computer rather than online at OGS, since you have more flexibility in terms of

  • changing the strength of the AI
  • doing multiple undo actions in case a particular gambit fails and you want to go back 10-15 moves and try something else

The Panda GL Go SGF editor is a good place to start. It comes with a GnuGo AI that goes from about 17kyu to about 7-8kyu depending on the settings.

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For fans of free and open source software (and / or up-to-date software - last glGo update was 2008!) there’s also kigo. Primarily a Linux app but they do have (experimental) windows installers. It too comes with GnuGo. It works fine to play vs GnuGo or load SGFs for review.


There is a web app which you can play KataGo AI Bot with handicaps upto 17 stones.
Check it out at:

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Just to add, if OP just want to play, other options are: ZBaduk - Review your Baduk games with AI and

There are probably other similar websites that I’m not aware off.

If you have gpu, installing katrain on your pc is probably the best option. If you only have integrated gpu like Intel’s, then it’s 50-50. Sometimes katrain works sometimes not.

One more:

Leela Zero is free and open source.

As is KataGo :wink: One can play with KataGo using KaTrain as noted above. I tried KaTrain on a laptop without GPUs. Sadly, the CPU couldn’t handle it :slightly_frowning_face: How does one play with Leela Zero? And is Leela Zero just the AI or is there a GUI with it or is one available as an extra like KaTrain is to KataGo? And what about Lizzie? Is that FOSS?

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evalcam online play Vs KataGo is pretty nice. I tried playing with 15 handicaps and I was getting torn apart. KataGo really punishes any tiny shape defect with devastating results. Quite fun!

There is no time limit, which is nice - you could always set a manual timer if you wish. It was good because I was able to play a bit, then come back later for some more. Sadly, after a day or two it resets so I didn’t get to finish my game :cry: There is a sign up option but no info about what it’s for so I’m not going to do that. Also, no option to download SGF for analysis. Overall, I give it 3 stars :star: :star: :star: (out of 5, obv!).

I also just tried OGS bots. I thought that would avoid the disappearing game issue with evalcam. Answer: yes and no…

Good start - handicaps go up way high so playing KataGo with lots of handicaps is possible. Bad news is that the strong (high Dan) bots only accept live and blitz games, no correspondence so no way to play a bit now and finish later - it’s all or nothing. Might work for some people but not for me.

Weaker but still strong bots (low Dan, e.g. spectral) do not accept handicaps so they’re out. Noob bot 3k only accepts 4 concurrent games and was full so that was out too. I’m not interested in playing weaker bots, e.g. GnuGo

End result - I cannot set up the type of bot game I want on OGS. Though I have previously played GnuGo which worked fine and does at least solve the disappearing game problem of evalgame so OGS bots can have one star for that :star:

To be clear, online tool is a different product than the iOS EvalCam app at AppStore.
I think you rated the iOS EvalCam, (not the app you played handicap games;
Just for your information.

I published the tool just a few weeks ago, it is still under development. As you pointed out, user login has no effect at the moment, guest users and logged-in users have the same access to the app.

Regarding the ‘disappearing issue’, the KataGo engine shuts the session after a fixed interval. That is intended.

This tool is designed to simulate a real-offline game. No SGF, no-undo, no-time limit (for now). Just like a face-to-face casual game with a friend. At the end of the game, scan the board and spot a few points and learn from it a minute or two, and move on to the next game. I designed like so, because that is what I would do as a Baduk learner, and I believe many users would like that approach too, (unfortunately, not every user will like that though…)
TBD: SGF support ‘might’ be available sometime in the future.

The whole idea behind was to provide low-end users easy access to the Katago engine, in a friendly and relaxed environment. ( there isn’t much access for low-end users, when I say low I mean miserable result even with 9+ handicaps)
There isn’t much opportunity for low-end users to play with higher players. I hope this tool is useful to them to become mid or advanced players and enjoy the game even deeper and thrive in their life as well.

Feedback and requests are welcome, I will be happy to improve the user experience.

Well, good job mate :smiley: 3 stars is good on my rating scale. Note that OGS bots only got 1 star.

I was rating the play Vs katago part of website, not the app store app.

For feedback, I would say first thing is to add some information to the website along the lines of what you have written above. Knowing the intention (provide a quick and easy way to play casual games with katago) and the rules (engine clears after X hours) would help to manage expectations. Had I known about the clearing thing, I probably would have hurried up and finished it.

For the future, downloading an SGF would be useful for analysis / review. And maybe upload an SGF to finish a game Vs katago (either one from an evalcam game or any other random SGF that you want to see how katago would play). Other than that, it’s pretty good and I wouldn’t change much else. I like that it’s casual, no time limit, no need to sign up before playing, etc. In terms of your goal of easy access to katago, I think you have already achieved that so bravo :clap:

Thank you for your time to make comments and feedbacks, I appreciate that.
Right on. I need to decorate my cave, it is horrible as is now. I have been busy with the back-end server-side implementation mostly. The front-end needs to be taken care of when I have some time :wink: