How can I save all the review?

Can I save the review that player with higher rank maked for me? I have to download SGF’s file o save manually in a folder of my pc the link of the review or there is a simpler method?

How to open a SGF file?


Your game is automatically saved on your account but it might be hard to find it if you play allot. So saving it as a sgf file can be useful.

There is two ways I know of to read sgf files.
You can upload sgf files to ogs if you open alternatives and press SGF library. Here you can save sgf files from other clients as well.
Other way is to download a go client like pandanet or KGS and use them. KGS has a option to modify sgf files and is the one I am using.

If you get a review and want to save them next time, you cab after finishing a game but before getting the review press a button on the right sidebar with two arrows in a circle. That opens the game as a review and is saved separately from your other games.

Probably one of the easiest workarounds is to just bookmark the review in your browsers, the link never changes.

These are some of the more commonly used .sgf editors/viewers that I know of: (don’t be scared by the domain, the website is in English)

How to bookmark the review?

Not sure we understand each other fully, there is no built-in bookmarks on OGS, but you can bookmark any page in your browser. How to that, depends on a browser, usually, there is a little star to the right of the URL or CTRL+D, but there is several methods and possibilities.

More here:

Ah ok, thanks. KGS open SGF but doesn’t let me to see every variation that the reviewer makes.

You can use the OGS sgf library:


The problem with reviews right now is, they are connected to the account which created the review. One workaround would be you creating the review and passing the edit privilege to the other player.
Another workaround is to export the sgf and upload it as mentioned above. This has an additional advantage: you can organize the reviews in multiple collections.

It doesn’t work with comment of the reviewer