How can one chat to multiple people

By coincidence I play with two women who study the same subject soI would like to connect both of them, and also discuss their study topic with them.

Is there a way to chat to multiple persons at the same time?

Not to my knowledge.

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Ah, interesting, so it only works in the forum but not on the game site.
Thank you.
I just tried to find that user here but she only is on the online-go-site.

OGS doesnโ€™t support multi-person private messaging, but you can create a private group, invite them, and chat in the group chat box on the group page.

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Thatโ€™s a great idea!
How can I create a group?
I never have done that.

Visit and click โ€œNew group.โ€

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telling them to click forum on ogs site menu probably easier than creating group