How can this rank mismatch occur?

So, I might play a game before you read this, but currently I’m rated:

24kyu at blitz
23kyu at live
24kyu at correspondence

Yet in total I’m 22kyu?

I understand taking the one you play most, but how do you get a number higher than all the others? It just feels funky.

Actually think I know how this happened. I was close to hitting 22kyu on live, then won a “blitz” (5m+5x10s doesn’t feel like blitz on a 9x9). What makes a game a blitz game? And there should definitely be an indicator in game (in case you missed it earlier), as the type affects the rank shown.

It just gets weird when your game history shows a match with one rank, but when you open it your opponent has a different rank.

I’m also still not sure that this “general” rank should ever be higher than your individual ranks, because the only time the general one appears is in game history and on profiles. On the game it shows individual.


The same algorithm is applied to all of the ratings.

Overall gets adjusted by all rated games. Thus, it will move faster than the rest. If your overall trend is up, this will lead.

Each of the others is only based on a subset of the total.


Blitz games have an average move time of less than 10 seconds.

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I speculated about this phenomenon in a different thread:


Just a note.

The Overall rating is a continuation of the single rating that existed before the time-differentiated ratings were introduced.