How challenge a game in a ladder?

I don’t find the way to challenge a game in the ladder. How can I ? Thanks

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Hi there @carokarm you’ll need to join the ladder first… as an example for site ladders you can see them here:

Click the View button at the bottom of one of the ladders, we’ll use the 9x9 ladder as an example… it’ll take you here:

Then you will click “Join Ladder” which is at the top right… after you do that it will add you to the bottom of the ladder… this will position the list to your new location at the bottom of the ladder and you’ll see many people above you with a Challenge button beside their name… if you see a Challenge button then you can challenge them otherwise if you mouse over it we’ll tell you why you can’t challenge them.

Related question to last answer. Placed my mouse on “not challengeable” and text said because player is a lower rank than you. But I saw that several of the same messages came to me against players with a higher kyu. And in random review noted that a 22k had successfully challenged a 3d. Rather curious

You can review some of the rules for who you can challenge here:

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thank you. this was very helpful. did a search on Ladders but clearly not enough. Thank you

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