How computer can determinate death stones?


I want write computer go player. I have some problem with determinate death stones. So I can’t score when game ends. Could somebody give me alghoritm or link where this problem was described?

Thank a lot!

Try this: It’s a well established open source go program.

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Unfortunately it isn’t clear for me and to start I want write program for scoring and later implement MCTS.

Fuego uses MCT.

As does Pachi.

Michi is a minimalist MCTS implementation, written by the author of Pachi.

In general, determining the life/death status of a group is a difficult computational task. In essence, an algorithm needs to read ahead to determine whether the best line of play will lead to the capture or safety each group. This is challenging given the possibly tricky ways that the life/death status of different groups could interact, as well as the even trickier ways that seki, ko, eternal life, and other edge cases could come into the picture, which then must be handled according to the particular details of a given rule set.

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I need only algorithm for determine death stone!

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