How did sofiam lose 700 points in one game?

but opponent only gained 1?

I don’t think your statement is correct. Or please pinpoint which game you are talking about.

game 1978

Link to the game? “game 1978” doesn’t mean anything to me.

I guess they are referring to this feature of her rating graph:

Might also be a display bug

Oh I see. That was after she had resigned many games. Maybe a moderator annulled these games manually but her rating hasn’t been recalculated? Or is it a bug of the rating system?

There’s definitely an “anomaly” there - nothing that normally happens that I’m aware of would cause that, including normal moderator annullment (which results in everything being “just as if” the game in question was unranked).

I suspect that a bulk operation had to be performed manually on her account for some reason, that left it’s trail there…

( ~… or as yebellz suggested a display bug due to so many darn games :woman_shrugging:~ nah that doesn’t sound right, because the subsequent rating builds up from there.)


Well, if you time out in more than a thousand games, strange things happen to your rating.
Sofiam’s first line in her profile is: don’t trust my OGS rank.:grinning:
However I would have expected a gradual downward curve.

Actually, that should not affect her rating much at all if the old, correspondence, serial-timeout rule is still in effect. Does anyone know if it is?

Yeah - in theory only predictable things should happen to your rating.

Exactly: what we are seeing does not appear to be a result of normal processes, because of the size of the change in one game.

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