How do I accept a challenge?

I feel very silly indeed, but I’ve been challenged and can’t figure out how to accept the game.

I’ve attached an image of what I see on my screen below (Firefox 48.0, Ubuntu 14.04.5).
I see a big red ‘x’ which seems to delete the challenge (as I would expect). Clicking the challenge box doesn’t do anything. I must be missing something obvious!

Many thanks for your help.

Oh, I should also note that there was/is no notification of the challenge accessible by clicking the circle in the upper right. I believe I used to accept challenges there, but may be mistaken.

Thanks much,


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Huh, that’s pretty strange. It’s definitely supposed to show up with a green check circle as well. You might try the API. Here, do this. In your browser, go here: and see if it shows the challenge.

If so, you’ll see a challenge ID. Take that number and put it in this link in place of “id”:

(So, if the id for your challenge on the first link is 12345, you’d go to

From the image I can only assume you are the one that sent the challenge.


Yes, @HowToPlay is right. It’s a challenge you sent. If someone sends you a challenge. you’ll see a green check button as @pbgarden described.


That’s the problem with modern graphical interfaces :wink: If you already know how challenge notifications look like, you can easily see the OP was, indeed, the originator of this challenge (her avatar is on the left an so on…). But nowhere in the page does it say in plain human words that this challenge is outgoing, one has to guess from the picture. I guess I’m becoming too old to appreciate this kind of design. :older_man:
And, yes, because an outgoing challenge notification does not appear until you refresh the page it’s totally possible to take it for something incoming you have to react to. From my talk with the OP that’s exactly what happened here.


Okay, I’ve had a look, and I think this is indeed the problem – I must have been the one to initiate the challenge. I feel quite silly. We had some confusion about the challenges and a round or two of trying to get it right, and I thought the opponent had initiated this one. I got another player to challenge me and did indeed see the green ‘check’.

I agree that it would be helpful to have some sort of indication that the challenge is something I initiated and that it’s waiting for action on the part of the opponent.

Many thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding. I do feel a bit ridiculous!

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Or the more likely case, @anoek still has a ways to go before being a master at making great, intuitive, and clear, interfaces :wink:

I’ve noted this in the back of my mind for something to think about as I begin work on doing some ui/ux improvements

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Ah, don’t – this is one of the minor blunders that can happen :smiley:

For such (and many other) cases I have a favourite aphorism:

“Anyone who isn’t confused doesn’t really understand the situation.”
— Edward R. Murrow