How do I access my friends list?

Hello I am trying to add a friend on OGS but can’t figure it out. I tried help, search and google with no luck.

How do I access my friends list to add and remove friends?


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Hello, the way I do it involves going to the players profile (for example by searching his name in the upper right search box, then clicking on it, then clicking on the i in the circle) and then there is a big add friend button, you can’t miss it.

Feel free to try it on me :smiley: I need friends :crying_cat_face:

then on the homepage you should see a small icon left of the aforementioned search box indicating how many of your only friend is online. You can click it to see his name :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: To remove your only friend you do pretty much the same, but you can access his profile faster from the friendlist you can access from the aforementioned button left to the beforeaforementioned search box. there will be a big red remove your only friend button… You can’t miss it


Sorry for the necro – but I don’t even see a search box anymore, and no way to access the friends list. I just had someone send a friend request, but now I don’t even see how I can view my friend list or chat with them!

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Hi wren, the search bar is under the OGS drop down menu in the upper left. You can search for people there. Adding a person as a friend is done by clicking the person’s username. You’ll get a drop down menu with “add friend” as one of the options. If someone sends you a friend request, you will get a blue notification in the upper right by your profile pic. It should also appear on your home screen. Your “friend’s list” are the three green people icon next to your profile pic in the upper right. It appears on every screen.