How do I... delete my account?

I can’t find any way to delete my account. Is there any way to do it ?
I mean “fully” delete it the day I decide to.

Please do not answer “it will delete by itself in six month” :slight_smile:


It is impossible to fully delete your account as your game history is required for all of your opponents.

At your request, we can change your username and password and remove all personal information. That is the full extent to which we can “delete” you from our servers.

Thanks for your answer.

My point is : as long as I can’t chat anymore, and even say “hello” to my opponents… I’m not sure I want to play anymore.

I do not want to be mistaken for someone rude. To exchange some words at the beginning of the game seems to me essential to create a contact even of short duration.
To play without this possibility seems to me totally sad and useless.

You have been told that this will be freely given to you, on the condition that you stop sending people aggressive messages if they do not share your beliefs.

If you can say “I will not get mad at people who do not talk to me and I will not harass them about this in any way” then you can have full chat privileges restored :slight_smile:



“I will not get mad at people who do not talk to me and I will not harass them about this in any way”.

is that ok ?


perfect. i will restore your chat privileges right now.

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Listen and speak with your stones. Wish your opponent a good game by playing in a thoughtful and considerate way. Thank them by resigning when appropriate.

I find it disappointing to be wished a gg and then treated rudely as with an escaper. I would prefer they had never wished me a gg.

[Edit] I think the phrase I’m looking for is, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’


All three of your accounts have had their chat ban removed. Hopefully this will be the end of the matter :slight_smile: have a good day

hello Kosh,

In real life, nobody would play without saying “hello” and go away without saying “goodbye”
I just don’t understand why people behave this way on the internet.
Just because they can stay “anonymous” I think.

I have to be prepared to be desapointed again and again by rude people (who complains afterwards as kids do).

OK, I’ll keep calm, i will just ignore them :-/
I accept the rules.

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Let me start by saying I’m not looking for an argument. I appreciate etiquette when it is sincere.

There are a multitude of reasons why someone might not use chat:

  • They might not have a verified email (this prevents use of chat).
  • They may be using a device or app that makes chat too awkward (Big Thumbs)
  • They may speak a different language. OGS is world-wide and multi-lingual where possible. I love that about OGS.
  • They might wish to avoid getting into a more significant conversation. While it may seem rude not to say ‘hi’ it can seem ruder to say ‘hi’ and then refuse to reply when replying is clearly possible.
  • They may have had bad experiences online in the past. Sometimes those start with a simple ‘hi’.

But at the end of the day none of these ‘excuses’ is required. It is simply each to their own. The primary function of OGS is to bring Go players together. I think it’s great that there are extensive facilities to interact, chat, groups, forum etc but I would not wish to lose a single Go player unless they refuse to accept the differences of others.

To misquote Archbishop Tutu, ‘We are manacled by our common Go playing, as we strive, up, up and out into even greater confusion.’

More practically, remember that you can post custom games titled ‘Chatty person please’ but you will still need to be prepared for those who mistakenly accept.

Hope some of that helps. :slight_smile:


That could desserve a new topic. Btw where I live it is quite uncommon to say hello before playing and thanks after so we could add difference of culture to the list.


I’m not sure about that.
I heard so, but I’m pretty sure I’ve chatted (in the game chat) with a player who didn’t give an email account at registration.

Then probably registered via facebook? :slight_smile: that counts as well.

Note that this isn’t a new topic.

If you go looking you’ll find more than one old thread about it.

There are those who vhemently argue for their right just to play and not be drawn into small talk or any talk at all.

There are those who argue vehemently about the need for politeness and include “hello” in that.

All of this is OK, and in fact feel free to make those arguments constructively here.

What is not OK is taking that to PM or making it personal here.



Plain registration without email.
If you want, I can PM more details.


Another thing that one should consider when playing a game and the person does not respond is mood.

I for one go from hyper happy to majour depressive moods regularly… when im in a bad mood the last thing i want to do is have small talk.

But then i reserve the right to remain silent and not respond. No one thould be forced in to a conversation they dont want to have. Simmularly, you cannot treat a non speaking person as a rude person as long as they abide by the normal terms of etroquette while playing the game.

Ive seen you post about this numerous times now, and far be it for me to come down on you about this… but if people keep saying the same things in response to what you are saying then i suggest that you change your opinion and perhaps look at what you are doing from the perspective of another person.

I remember in one thread you said and i i paraphrase here ‘‘you dare not to talk to me?’’… bit using the word dare? Its agressive, its condescending, and the moemnt you use language like that is the moment you put a wall between yourself and the person you are trying to build a report with.

I suggest that you change the langiage you use if you wish to engage in conversstion. I also suggest that you recognise that everyone has a right not to respond and a right to ignore you as you also have those same rights.


I would like to delete my account too. Can someone please help me ?

Hello @malharjajoo
Your games will stay on record as they need to remain accessible for your opponents (your games are not just your own), but I have deleted all your info and you will no longer be able to access that account.

Was there some problem we can improve or are you just switching to another hobby? :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me here on the forums if you want to discuss more about the deletion.


Hi @AdamR ,

Im not switching to another hobby … It is just that I found the game interesting and ended up spending too much time on it ( It was the same when I used to play chess ). The website is very nice and easy to use, so thanks a lot for that. I learnt a lot of GO in just 3 months.

Thanks for the quick response and deleting my account info.
I have no issues with my games staying on record.


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please delete account plyr1 as described.
having not to go though forum for that would be nice.