How do I delete my account?

I play go because it requires a certain level of honesty and creativity but despite that cheaters and trolls still find their here. I’m done how do I delete this account?

I was honest and sincere with him, I told him that I have 1136 elo in 19x19 and he did not have enough level to play with 3 handicap stones, he was very kind and friendly and he left me 3 pass, then in the middle of the game to get angry to say that I lied to him. and that i had many games played. I’m sorry if he got angry, the administrator came and canceled the game he accepted, but I can not do it for him. I offered friendship and play again and enjoy the game without fighting.

I think both of you became victim of the combined power of a language barrier and that the rankings for the individual boards do not correspond with the rankings for the whole board. @Alma_Pacifica is indeed around 1130 for the 19x19, but this does not translate to the 1230 overall rating that @HecticSketchesV2 has. If we want to compare them, then HecticSketches has a 19x19 rating af 963, which is considerably lower than Alma.

However, I think HecticSketches has to thank himself for his loss, as he voluntarily passed to give away the handicap (which you don’t have to do, of course). I mean, if you’re not prepared to lose, then don’t do those kind of silly things, right? Anyway, the game has been anulled, so it doesn’t even affect anyones ranking.

I think neither of you meant harm or dishonesty, so how about some forgiveness and respectfulness, and then get on with the day?


Yes, unless I am mistaken, I do believe that an account can not be fully deleted in order to preserve the game records. However, I think that you can have OGS remove all of your personal info an then change your username and password for you if you so desire. Wait to see what a moderator has to say about this…

Hello, yes, it is as Mr_GoBoard says.

Your games have to stay on record because they need to stay accessible for your opponents. You can remove all the other information if you have privacy concernes or I can do it for you.

If your only reson was some percieved injustice I would recommend reconsidering once more, while this is the internet amd there is always that one guy who has nothing better to do with life, I dare say majority of our players are quite honest.

Feel free to PM me here on OGS if you need more help.


The question has been answered.