How do I escape this pattern?

The game is here:

From move 40 to move 75, I get drilled down to the wall, losing all my inside stones. I became aware of this pattern and let it repeat here just for fun, but also because I was not sure how to gain any control of the situation. Fundamentally I think its about how to respond to attached-stone attacks. I routinely get cornered into making these long walls that box me in and give my opponent huge influence on the rest of the board. There are more examples of this throughout the game, but 40-75 is the longest one.

Whatever depth of analysis anyone would care to make, His Majesty would be eternally grateful.

well there are several problems here. Note how white gets to take the stone you cut with. that makes white stronger. move 47 for instance is just a present for white. Instead of the stone at O15 , you should extend m14. its mor important for you to make influence and do something inside the whites big territory and cut the stones of then to keep crawling along the side.

another key aspect is to attack weak groups. by attacking weak groups you gain strenght that you can then use elsewhere to gain territory in the end. the group in the lower right is a clump of stones without eyes. you should attack it directly.

Getting to grips with Ladders and Good Shape will be key here.

Do some basic Ladder problems, learn to recognize and read ladders.

Avoid bad shape, look up Open Triangles for example. Avoid them unless it is the only way to play.

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Your Grace!

I’ve reviewed just around the moves ~45+ :

Hope it helps.