How do I get this auth token mentioned in the RT api documentation

Hi, I was reading the RT api documentation Real time API and noticed this auth token that I need to use for a lot of the RT api calls. I know I can get the csrf token and session id from the endpoint and access_token from However, I couldn’t seem to use api like game/move with any of these. Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Try ui/config?

According to the network tab, ui/config returns csrf_token, user id, user username, chat_auth, incident_auth, notification_auth and user_jwt. I haven’t tried user_jwt yet. Let me try that out

I think you might actually want chat_auth (at least that’s what the quoted Python script is doing)

I wonder why it would be chat_auth. Doesn’t seem to make sense to use this token for authenticate. I have another question. Is the demo board ID the same as the game ID in terms of using the game/connect RT api?